Control your manufacturing operations with cloud ERP from enquiry to invoice.


Connect your sales team with the office whether they are on the road, at the airport, or working from home.

  • Quotations with revision history
  • Sales order processing
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Costing using bill of materials approvals
  • Multi-currency
  • Manage follow up and lost opportunities

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Works Orders

Works orders tracking and fast searching allows immediate response to production tracking and monitoring.

  • Online or print job routers
  • Online drawing access
  • Track progress and late orders

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Bill of Materials

The core of manufacturing operations is the Bill of Materials (BOM); used to plan all materials, operation times and work instructions. The BOM starts at the quotation stage to build costs for your product and continues with an approval process before creating works orders for production.

  • Job costing from BOM
  • Multi-level BOMs
  • Integrated with online drawings
  • BOM revision control
  • BOM templates
  • BOM Copy

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Production Scheduling

Creating a useable and effective production schedule is not the same for each company; the tools must suit your needs. Fraction offers simple weekly capacity planning as well as fully scheduled hourly plans with dependencies.

  • Flexible capacity management between multiple constraints
  • Work to lists for employees or workcenters
  • Weekly capacity planning or fully scheduled planning
  • Monitor progress and exceptions in real time

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Managing your inventory with Fraction can reduces costs through aggregating demand, optimising stock levels and scheduling just in time deliveries.

  • Aggregate demand to purchase orders
  • Track overdue deliveries
  • Alerts for low stock items
  • Multi-currency

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Integration means from the enquiry, orders flow through purchasing, production, dispatch and finish with invoicing, most actions are just one click.

  • Tax and pro-forma invoicing
  • Multi-currency
  • Integration with accounts

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Stock Management

Control all your stock movements with full stock transaction records linked to all modules in Fraction.

  • Track all inventory transactions
  • Stock take and stock adjustments
  • Low stock alerts
  • Real time stock valuation report
  • Allocated and free stock
  • Attached drawings and images to parts

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Shop floor Data Capture

Fraction supports digital manufacturing environments with online works orders, work to lists and captures data in real time from the shop floor to monitor process times and production progress.

  • Track production progress
  • Real time view of production status on any order

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When its time to develop your business strategy having access to data is critical to make informed decisions supported by data. Fraction produces statistics from the shopfloor data capture system to analyse performance.

  • Employee utilisation
  • WorkCentre utilisation
  • Works order varience


Fraction features quality management tools embedded with production data to minimise administration and more importantly see the history of problems on any part.

  • NCR management
  • Corrective actions

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Fraction ensures everyone can keep up to date with KPIs, targets and exceptions. Month end reports are too late so our dashboard tools ensure decisions and actions are taken at the right time.

  • Track business performance in real time from anywhere
  • Overdue orders and operations
  • Late Deliveries
  • Sales output

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Integration of all processes means less administration, less errors and simple one-click document generation like delivery notes.

  • Delivery notes
  • Email shipping confirmations

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Financial administration is fast and effective when you integrate Fraction with your accounts software.

  • Integration with Xero, QuickBooks & Sage.

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