To put low cost and simple ERP into the hands of every manufacturing SME at a time when they are fed up of broken spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper based systems.

Our Team

Founded by three engineers passionate about manufacturing, cloud technologies and workflow design. Fraction ERP started its life as a internally developed production management tool to overcome the weaknesses of the ERP at a precision engineering company. The outstanding success of the tool led to the development of a full ERP system, specifically designed for small to medium sized engineering companies.

Patrick Chester

Patrick Chester

The Architect

Designs workflow, functionality, and development plans. Runs Fraction at his own manufacturing company.

Junzi Sun

Junzi Sun

Chief of Technology

Application development, server infrastructures, deployments, and other Fraction technologies.

Giles Johnston

Giles Johnston

ERP and Manufacturing Expert

Literally has seen it all and done it all, from simple deployments to multi-million pound ERP systems.

Why Fraction ERP?

Fraction ERP is built for small to medium sized engineering and manufacturing companies.
The Fraction ERP system manages sales, inventory, purchasing, production scheduling, shipping and invoicing.

No Sales Team

We don't have a sales team! We are experienced in buying, implementing and fixing ERP systems. Talk to us about your manufacturing operation and see how Fraction ERP could help. No big sales pitch, just a straight forward chat about what we can do for your business.

Fraction Development

We have a long road map of development which relies on customer feedback. By listening to what our customers want to achieve, and our own road map we are constantly developing new features.

Cloud Reliability

Fraction is built using cloud technologies and hosted in a secure data centre. Gone are the days of hang-ups, glitches and slow responses. We do all the updates and backups for you so you can focus on running your business.

Based in the UK

Fraction ERP is based in the UK. We are passionate about creating a leading product in the ERP market for both UK and international customers.
Contact us to today to arrange a free online demo and start a 14 day trial.

Our Story

The Beginning

Patrick is a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur who is used to running his own manufacturing businesses. Frustrated with limitations of the ERP system where he worked, he started looking at building custom made tools to run production management. A corner stone of the new tool would be the ability to manage scheduling by workcentre and operator capacity simultaneously.

In 2015, Patrick met Junzi and together they developed a simple production management system. Within 8 months, the new system helped to increase output by 10%. On time delivery went from 50% to 90% and overdue orders fell by 95%. The original version is still in use today!

Junzi is an Aerospace Scientist and the chief of technologies behind Fraction ERP. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and has been working with complex data systems for many years. What he enjoys most is to make complex things simple to use.

"I Have an Idea!"

After leaving employment and becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Patrick believed there something special in the original software tool and wanted to take it further and develop a complete ERP system.

After knowing each other for some years, the original tool was demonstrated to Giles. A Chartered Engineer, he has spent a large part of his life untangling ERP and MRP problems for many different companies. He now runs his own business as a manufacturing consultant, helping companies increase turnover, profit and on time delivery. He has seen it all when it comes to ERP problems! The demo was a success, so in 2020 the team came together to develop build a complete ERP system on the existing framework.

Fraction ERP

Development took less than a year to build the initial ERP system for testing. The focus was to create an effective ERP system for small to medium sized manufacturing companies. Patrick had also set-up a new manufacturing company in 2018 so this became the test bed for Fraction ERP. Late in 2020, Fraction ERP Ltd was formed and early 2021 we had our first paying customers.

The Future

Our aim is to create intuitive and effective software that creates a strong return on investment for our clients. Fraction ERP is always in development and has an exciting road map ahead. Our ambition is to become an established ERP provider for engineering and manufacturing companies around the world.