Production Scheduling Software

Powerful capacity and scheduling software for production managers.


with real-time capacity and scheduling software for small business.

Simple Works Order Tracking

Stop walking around the shop floor to monitor and track progress!

Use our real time works order tracking page to monitor progress on every order and quickly respond to any issues.

Quickly open an order to see current status and planning. Any updates are instantly pushed into the production schedule. Monitor over-runs with shop floor data capture (SFDC), unlimited and free with Fraction ERP!

Fast Scheduling Tools

Responsive Work To Lists

Making sure everyone is working on the right job can be time-consuming and complex.

Fraction ERP uses work to lists for workcentres, employees or both. Your workforce just selects the workcentre or their name to get a schedule of work, which updates each time there is a change.

Fast Scheduling Tools

It’s a fact of life that schedules need to change.

In Fraction ERP we adopted a simple visual scheduling tool. See weekly or daily capacity buckets with a single glance. Use our auto planning tool or manually schedule by selecting the capacity bucket for each operation.

Fraction is designed to rough cut capacity by weeks and then schedule by days and hours for near-time production schedules Do less scheduling and get more out the door.

Fast Scheduling Tools
Work Center Capacity Weekly.png

Capacity Planning

Review your demand levels with our colour coded capacity board. Overloads are highlighted instantly. Flex and adjust your capacities if you can, or re-schedule orders with just a few clicks.

Fraction ERP allows you to allocate operations by workcentre, operators or both! This unique tool allows multiple constraints to be applied to planning simultaneously.

Take the guesswork out of your bottlenecks and instead drive up your utilisation and on time delivery performance.

Exception Reporting

Stop chasing everything in your business, just in case!

Use exception reporting and nail down the handful of orders and management activities that will make a difference to your performance.

From operations running late, to stock shortages to delivery issues. Use the Fraction ERP dashboard and keep your finger on the pulse.

Exception Reporting

Meet the Team

Patrick Chester

The Architect

Designs workflow, functionality, and development plans. Runs Fraction at his own manufacturing company.

Giles Johnston

ERP and Manufacturing Expert

Literally has seen it all and done it all, from simple deployments to multi-million pound ERP systems.

Chief of Technology

Overseas application development, server infrastructures, deployments, and other Fraction technologies.

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