Product Updates

Keep up to date with Fraction ERP development! All updates are automatically rolled out.

Fixed Demand Parts

Parts can be defined as a fixed demand, meaning if the part is added to a Bill of Materials, it will not be multiplied by the demand quantity for the works order. This is ideal for inspection, subcontracting, or processing which is not dependant on quantity.

BOM Import Tool

You can now import parts for your Bill of Materials (BOM). All parts should already exist in your parts database and once you create the BOM, you can now import using our template.

Global Purchase Order Date

All purchase order line items can be set to the same due date. Click the date required and 'apply' to set the due date on all line items.

Improved User Management

User management module for administrators allows you to switch users between "normal" and "SFDC" account types. Users can also be set as inactive then they leave the company.

Break times can now be added to workcentres.

Each workcenter can now have multiple break times added to accurately calculate the daily and weekly capacity.

Images used on contracts

If a part record has an image, users can enable printing with images and the quotations and order acknowledgements are printed with images displayed. We also added the image to the Bill of Material page.

Import function for tooling register

The tooling register now has an import function to allow users to import of data from spreadsheets. The tooling register features cavitation which is specific for the plastic injection moulding industry.

New KPI for Quality Costs

View your quality costs over any date range and filter by customer - our new KPI for quality costs can be found on the KPI page.

Works Order Box Labels

When packaging large volume parts from production runs into boxes, this new box labelling features allows each box to be identified by the quantity of parts within the box. The system will automatically calculate the labels needed base on the parts per box, defined in the Bill of Materials.

Packaging Items

Parts can be marked as "packaging" which allows users to define how many parts will be packaged into each container. After entering the quantity the price for the BOM will be divided by the "parts per box".

Data Import Tools

Data import tools are now added to the parts, customer and supplier listings. This enables users to upload their own data from Excel spreadsheets.

Key Performance Indicators

A new page called Key Performance Indicators is now released. This moves the OTD from the dashboard to the KPI page and makes space for task management. The KPI page is now also updated with invoices sales and order intake metrics.

ERP Task Management

New feature released! Tasks management tool for all users of Fraction ERP to manage anything - choose your own categories such as maintenance, purchasing, 5S, quality audits and customer follow ups. We will be integrating this feature with the data in Fraction to make it even more powerful.

Certificate of Conformance

All shipments records can now be used to create a certificate of conformance. This feature includes a scanned signature to add to the certificate along with your own customised declaration.

New tooling database to specify jigs, tools and fixtures required for any BOM

Any jigs or tooling used during production can be stored in the tooling database. This list is then available to add the tooling or jigs required to each BOM and the tooling list is shown on the route card. This can even be applied for cutting tools. This is available on pro and moulding versions.

Scrap items are logged when completing a WO.

If some parts are scrapped during production, this can be logged when completing a WO - meaning all parts are consumed, but only the completed quantity is entered into stock

Production yield used to determine WO quantities for production

Any part can now contain a scrap rate. This is used to determine how many parts should be requested on the works order in order to meet the required quantity and allow for the scrap rate. This is available on pro and moulding versions.

Use percentage to specify the part ratios used in BOMs for plastics and chemicals

Parts on a BOM can be defined as a percentage of the BOM part. The part record contains the part mass, which is used when calculating the requirements for the WO part demand (MRP). This is available on pro and moulding versions.

Raise purchase orders directly from the sales order line item

If you are buying in parts for your sales contracts you can now raise a PO directly from the sales order line.

Sales order production status

Each contract now has a production status to visually indicate when all line items are waiting, in production or ready to ship.

Parts records now contain a photo upload

Every part in Fraction ERP can now have a photograph stored. This is also printed onto the route card to help operators identify the correct parts.

Add files to NCR records

Upload files to your NCR records such as photos, drawings and reports.

Production Scheduling Tool Update

The scheduling tool now highlights the time frame for the work order being scheduled, based on its start and end dates.

Exclude Parts from On Time Delivery

Any part can now be flagged to be excluded from on time delivery performance. Ideal for service charges such as shipping which does not reflect production performance.

Production Scheduling Gantt Chart

Production scheduling gantt chart now added to the production module. View all operations in an easy to use gantt chart for both weekly and daily scheduling.

SFDC Logs Editing

Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) logs can now be corrected when staff forget to stop a log. Only users given "SFDC Editor" will be able to see the edit button to update the start or end time of an SFDC log. Permission is given to any normal user from the user profile page.

Part Allocation Improvements

Part allocations have been improved and you can now see all allocations under each part record. For each allocated quantity the sales order or works order reference is shown and once they are completed, the allocations are removed.

Shop Floor Data Capture Report

Shop floor data capture (SFDC) logs can now be viewed from the reports section. The logs can be filtered by date, workcenter or operator and also exported to Excel.

Reports section added!

A new reports section is now available under the business menu. The first report is sales by customer, which can be filtered by date and exported to Excel.

New ready status filter on operations list

The operations page now has a filter for ready operations. These operations are ready for the next operation and can be filtered by workcenter or assigned employee.

Send Part Files on Email from Contracts and Purchase orders

When sending an email from the Fraction ERP system you can now include files that have been saved to the contract or purchase order and files that are saved to any line items.

Refresh Bill of Materials Costs

A new button on the BOM will refresh the latest part prices and operation costs to make sure the BOM pricing is up to date.

Enquiry Feature

New contracts can now be saved as enquiry. Once a quotation has been printed or emailed, it will automatically be updated to a quotation. Enquiries on the dashboard will show you open equiries that are still to be quoted to your clients.

Markup Costing Structure for Subcontractors

The Bill of Materials, now has a new costing structure - using markup on material costs to be added to labour costs. Great for subscontract machining and fabrication

On Time Delivery Performance

Dashboard now shows your on time delivery performance for the current month and year to date. It is caculated from contract shipping date and shipment date when items are dispatched. Click the tiles on the dashboard to search, filter and see your delivery performance. Data can be exported to Excel.

Sage Cloud Accounting Integration

Fraction ERP now integrates with Sage Cloud Accounting software.

File Storage for Contracts, Works Orders and Purchase Orders

Files can now be uploaded to contracts, works orders, and purchase orders in addition to parts and bills of materials. This allows safe and easy access to customer purchase order, material certification, inspection reports, photos and drawings. Integrating this feature means you don not have to connect to the company network to get access to file storage.

SKU Part Numbers

When creating new parts, you can now assign a unique SKU (stock keeping unit). This can be prefixed in options with your own prefix to identify it.

Multiple Suppliers and Supplier Part Numbers

Any part can now have multiple suppliers linked to it in order of preference. You can also store the supplier part numbers and when you order from that supplier, they will only see their own part numbers

Sales Order Demand Page: Consolidating demand

A new page called sales order demand groups all sales order lines by part number, allowing them to be selected and then consolidated into one works order. The works order will show which contracts requires the parts.

Stock Allocation on Sales Order Line Items

If you carry stock of a part, you can allocate this part to a contract line item. A new workflow for raising works orders considers the allocated stock so your production quantity is made to suit.

Works Orders now Have Start Dates

If a part has a production lead time, the start date is automatically set. It can be manually set with or without lead times. This defines the required by date for all parts on the WO which is used in part demand to schedule purchasing.

Manually Link Works Order Demand with Purchase Orders

When you create a manual PO, you can link this back to works order demand and vice versa, improving traceability

Time Zone Support

We can now support international clients by enabling time zones to be configured in your user profile

GRN Labels

GRN records now have labels which can be printed to identity materials at the goods receiving process.

Invoice Update

Fraction Invoices now contain the delivery note reference and the tracking reference on the PDF invoice.

Auto-Complete of Contracts

Contract line items now have a status of Invoiced and when all line items are invocied the contract will be automatically set to complete.

Pack Size for Purchasing

Parts can now have a pack size defined and the purchase order will ensure the pack size and minimum order quantity are satisfied. For example, if you want to ensure 5 packs of 10 are always ordered, the pack size is 10 and the minimum order quantity will be 50.

New Quality Section on Dashboard

A new quality section to the dashboard shows open Non-Conformance Reports to action.

Works Order List, Status Flag

If a part has a production lead time, the start date is automatically set. It can be manually set with or without lead times. This defines the required by date for all parts on the WO which is used in part demand to schedule purchasing.

Part Demand Allocation Flag

The part demand page, now changes the status to green to visually make it easier to track any items that have not yet been fully allocated for production.

Email Logs

When sending documents such as quotations, purchases orders, and invoices via the built in direct email feature, a log is now created on the page for the date, time and user that send the email and the recipient.

Email Shipping Notifications

From the shipment page you can now send your customers a shipping notification email with the order and shipping details.

Shipments now have multiple packages

Shipment records now store multiple shipping items to track size, weight and quantity of packages on the shipment

Refresh Part Descriptions on BOMs and Contracts

From the BOM parts list or on a contract line item, you can now refresh the part description to revert to the master part record description

Modify Works Orders with Parts and Operations

A works order can now be edited to add or remove parts and operations. This feature is ideal for service work and jobbing shops where the exact process and materials may not be known at the start

Stock Quantity now shown on Contracts

Contract line items now display the current stock level for the part

Multiple Delivery Addresses for Contracts

When editing a line item in a purchase order, you can use the current price to update the part record price, just tick the box to perform the update.

Add Parts on the Fly from Purchase Orders

From a purchase order record you can now create new parts on the fly

Batch and Serialised Number Traceability

This feature is now available for advanced users and allows all incoming parts to be given a batch or serial number which flows through fraction ERP until you sell goods using your own or the Fraction ERP batch and serial numbers for finished goods.

Part Allocation of Stock

Part allocations can now be performed in part demand page.

Part Demand, Child Work Orders

On the part demand page, any part that is a child works order will now be shown with a link to view the works order record.

Hold Search

If you use the search bar and then leave the page or open a record, the same search will be held you come back to the page.

Re-sequence Line Items in Contracts

To re-sequence line item in a contract, just drag and drop them into position and the line item numbers will update.

Show Line Items on GRN Page

On the GRN list you can now use the show line items button to expand the list into line item details and search by part number or description.

Goods Received Inwards Inspection Workflow Added

Any part can now be flagged for inwards inspection. On arrival the GRN is processed as normal. A part with inspection requirements will not be added to stock until the inspection process confirms the accepted quantity of the GRN. A new tile on the dashboard will alert users to any line items that have pending inwards inspection to complete.

Non Stock Parts

Any part can now be flagged as a non-stock item so no stock transactions will take place. This is perfect for service items, engineering work or subcontract processing.

Purchase Order Approval Workflow and Limits

Purchase Orders now need to be approved before they can be printed. The user must be ticked as a PO Manager on their user profile and each user can have their own spend limit per single PO.

Minimum Order Quantity on Purchase orders

If you set a minimum order quantity for any part and raise an PO, the system will check the minimum quantity is met. For example, if you are buying screws in boxes of 100 and try to purchase 50, it will ask you to update the quantity. At the moment you can still order say 101 screws, so this is not the same as pack size multiples which be implemented shortly.

Workcentre and Employee Capacity Planning

Workcentre and employee capacity used to be defined by a number of hours per week. As we develop the system for daily and hourly planning we have changed how capacity is defined. Each resource now has a daily schedule with a start and end time. We now use this to calculate the daily and weekly capacity.

Part Activity Page with Purchase Orders

The part activity page is now updated with all purchase orders for the part with price and quantity

Purchase Order Approvals

All purchase orders now require approval before they can be printed or emailed. Approval is a single click by users who have the role of PO MANAGER ticked on their user profile.

Delivery Note Statement

The delivery note now has a new option to add a statement such as ownership clauses or statements of conformity. You can add a title to the section and 5 lines of text from the options page under the settings menu.

Date Filters and Total Values

You can now apply a date filter to sales orders, works orders, purchase orders, invoices, and shipments. On pages with values, we also added the total of the records on the page, or applied on the filter.

Excel Reports Added to Parts Module

On the parts page you can now download your parts inventory to excel.

Contract Date

Contracts now feature a contract date. This date starts when you create a contract record. If you convert a quote to a sales order at a later date, the contract date is updated to current date to reflect when you received the order. You can also manually adjust the contract date if needed. The username has been added for traceability

Excel Reports

Excel reports can be exported from the invoice and purchase order modules

Direct PDF Printing

These documents are now downloaded as a PDF, quotations, order acknowledgement, invoice, purchase orders and delivery notes.

Available Stock on Part Demand

On the part demand page you can now see available and allocated stock.

Copy Bill of Materials

On the Bill of Materials (BOM) page, just click "copy" to create an identical BOM. Make sure the part number has already been set up to copy the BOM.

Invoice Directly From Sales orders

From a sales order you can create an invoice without a shipment. Invoices can also be printed as a proforma invoice.

Add Drawings to Part Records

Within the part record you can now upload drawings and files.

Fraction ERP System is Launched!

The start of our product launch was functional and basic. At the time we thought it was pretty good, but we now love to look back and see how far we have come and think about how far we can take it!