Bill of Materials Software

The backbone of a manufacturing company is the bill of materials:
The list of materials, parts and operations required to make your product or provide your service.

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Easily Create, Copy and Modify Your Bill of Materials.

The Bill of Materials drives your purchasing and manufacturing activities within your factory. Easily managing them, modifying them and creating new BOMs is essential to customer service, accurate job costing and being ready to go into production.

    Copy similar a similar BOM to a new part number
    Use a template for family of parts
    Built in revision control and approval process
    Store photos, drawings and files within the BOM record

Multi-Level Bill of Materials

By creating multi-level BOMs you can nest subassemblies within the BOM which will create new sub-assembly works orders.

    Simplify production of sub-assemblies
    Combine sales order demand into single works orders
    Multi-level BOM costing to accurately determine production costs
    Refresh part and labour costs on BOMs with a single click for up to date pricing

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manufacturing process with erp

Instant Job Costing

The BOM calculates all the direct costs of production and provide two methods to calculate your selling price.

    Calculate selling price using gross margin
    Calculate selling price using material markup and labour selling rate
    Built in price break quantity calculator
    Create a cost snapshop for any BOMs to allow tracking of price changes over time.

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