Cloud ERP Software

The days of having software installed on a local server are over. Cloud hosted software is lower cost, easy to access and gives you flexibility.

Fraction ERP is a cloud ERP system, helping you to run your factory wherever you are in the world. All of the costs and frustrations associated with having an ERP system on a local server are gone. All you need is a web browser and you are good to go.

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See Your Business in Real Time, Wherever You Are.

Fraction ERP is fast, reliable and easy to access. Forget spreadsheets saved on the network, or trying to run reports over a VPN. Fraction ERP is cloud hosted and gives you easy access to all business processes with an easy to use dashboard.

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Doing Business in the Digital Age

Modern companies need to ensure their data is reliable and secure. Real time data is needed by employees to manage processes, make decisions and keep your business running. Cloud software provides a budget friendly and ideal solution for small to medium sized companies with many benefits:

  • Hosted in highly reliable and secure data centres.
  • Automated 24 hour backups
  • No installation or configuration
  • Automatic software updates
  • Scale up or down with your business needs
  • No upfront investment costs

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manufacturing process with erp

Real Time Tracking with Free and Unlimited Shop Floor Data Capture

Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) is free and unlimited with Fraction ERP. No add on modules or hidden charges. Employees use a simple pin code so no hardware to set up!

  • Track progress of works orders
  • Monitor utilisation of resources
  • Close the loop with actual vs planned operations feedback

Cloud Integration

Integration of cloud software is easy and increasingly part of the a cloud solution. Simply connect to your cloud applications and they can transfer data, making everything a seamless user experience. Fraction ERP integrates with the following cloud accounting software:

  • Xero Accounts
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Sage Business Accounting

precision engineering
manufacturing process with erp

How Fast Can You Deploy Fraction ERP?

Fraction ERP is a cloud based ERP system, so we can deploy within hours. We suggest an online demo followed by trial account to test the software in your own workspace, then a subscription can be started anytime.

  • Free online demo and 14 day trial
  • Scale up your users and subscription package as needed
  • Easy to follow support and short online tutorials
  • Unlimited online and telephone support

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