Plastic Injection Moulding ERP Software

ERP / MRP designed to meet the needs of the plastic injection moulding industry.

plastic injection moulding erp

Use percentage ratios to defined your bill of materials.

The advanced moulding features of Fraction ERP allow users to specify items on the bill of material (BOM) using a percentage. The MRP then calculates your demand based on the mass of the part, the ratios in the bill of materials and the scrap (yield) specified for the part.

Moulding Tools with Cavities

Import your tooling list into Fraction with the cavities specified for each tool.

The tools are added to the bill of materials and run times for your works orders are based on the cycle time of number of parts required divided by the number of cavities and multiplied by the cycle time for the tool.

Optimise your production operations to maximise productivity and utilisation.

plastic injection moulding tooling
WO box labels for injection moulding

Works Order Box Labels

Print you box labels for items to be packaged and identified as they are produced. Our works order box labels allow you to define how many parts per box and calculates the unit cost of packaging in the bill of materials.

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