Production Scheduling

Fraction ERP makes scheduling easy with our visual planning and automatic scheduling tools

Progressive scheduling with weekly, daily and hourly planning tools

Fast, visual, scheduling boards allow you to sequence your manufacturing operations with ease. Check on capacity loading as you go and tighten up your schedule as you get closer to production. Save scheduling effort with our progressive ‘layering’ approach.

Fast scheduling with Auto Plan

If you want the earliest production schedule for your works order, then just click the ‘Auto Plan’ button. Assign your operations into the first available production slot, tweak if you need to, and you’re done.

Flexible work centre and operator capacity controls

Setup and manage your capacity planning with either traditional machine work centres, key operatives, or both! Assign skilled labour to critical production operations.

Identify capacity overloads easily with our visual capacity dashboard

Keep an eye on your critical resources with our visual capacity tracker tool. Quickly re-schedule, adjust labour levels or plan overtime from a position of control.

Track progress with real time shop floor data capture

Save time walking around your factory with our real time production tracking screen. Keep your finger on the pulse without having to run around your shop floor constantly.

Work to lists for workcentre and operator

The schedules drive work to lists for your production teams. Split the list by workcentres or by key operatives. Never be left guessing what needs to happen when.


Schedule works orders

View the scheduling status on one screen

Visual scheduling

Avoid overloads with our visual boards

Manage capacity

View capacity by machine or operator