Save time managing quality control in your business with Fraction ERP

Supports ISO 9001

Fraction ERP supports the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standard. Capture important production records that are needed to demonstrate a fully functional and compliant system. Record opportunities for improvement via our notes system and manage non-conforming products all within our cloud ERP system.

Non conformance reporting

Raise Non Conformance Reports (NCRs) from any works order. Just click on the works order and log the issues. Manage and close out your NCRs using our easy to navigate NCR system. There is even a dashboard tile dedicated to managing this function.

Get to the root cause

At Fraction ERP we know how powerful the 5 Why method can be, to determine root causes. Our NCR template is structured to help you identify the true root cause and eliminate problems once and for all.

Raise corrective actions

When you have determined the true root cause, you need to do something about it. Fraction ERP allows you to create corrective action tasks for your NCRs. Assign the tasks to your team and manage the improvement process in one place. With only a few clicks you can demonstrate the close out of tasks to customers and external auditors.

Role based permissions to manage NCRs

Our fast user setup screens allow you control the permissions your team have within Fraction ERP. One of these settings is related to NCR management. Maintain control over who has authority and responsibility in your business to assign and manage the NCR process.

Track quality costs

Capture the various costs that are associated with the cost of quality. Fraction ERP allows you to capture as much, or as little, information as you want. Cost headings include scrap, replacement, rework, subcon, transport and overhead. Getting visibility of these factors can help you to drive down the cost of expensive rework and reduce customer complaints.

Monitor supplier non conformance

Codify your supplier NCRs and monitor their performance. Make life easier when it comes to monitoring and managing your supply chain.

Goods inwards inspection

If you have products that need to be checked before they are allowed into production, then activate the goods inward inspection process. Set on a part-by-part basis, this process allows you to prevent stock being accidentally booked in without first being checked.

Export reports to Excel

Should you need to carry out further analysis of your non-conformances, you can quickly export your data into spreadsheet format. Continue your analysis using the powerful features of your favourite spreadsheet software.


Raise NCRs easily

Generate NCRs directly from works orders

NCR register

Track and manage your quality issues from one place

Root cause analysis

Built in 5 Why approach, costing and corrective actions