Bill of Materials

Control your engineering information quickly with our fast to use Bill of Materials (BOM) module.
Capture accurate job costing, manage BOM approval and speed up everything using the template function.

Automated job costing

Fraction ERP’s job costing is automated and integrated within the BOM module. As you create your Bill of Materials and manufacturing route, the job costing is updated. Create price breaks in seconds using the price break calculator and help reduce the workload when generating quotes.

Handle multi-level BOMs

If you have more complex BOMs, Fraction ERP allows you to create multi-level BOMs so that you can control stock and production via child parts. Create sub-assemblies and detailed components to simplify the overall production activities you need to undertake and control.

Quick access to drawings and files

You can store documents against your BOMs. If you need to attach the relevant drawings and instructions, just upload them to Fraction ERP. Your production teams and staff can then access the files when reviewing during production.

BOM revision control

Keep track of what revision you are working on with out BOM revision control feature. Align your BOM with the current engineering designs and keep your production and purchasing staff on track.

Speed up BOM creation and development

Two key features of Fraction ERP are the BOM templates and the BOM copy function. The templates function allows you to create a generic template for similar products. You can quickly tweak and update the duplicated BOM to create a tailored structure for another product. The BOM copy function allows you to simply copy an existing BOM, which you can then modify. Save time every day if you have similar products that you need to quote and manufacture.


BOM Register

Build BOMs and routes quickly on one screen

Real Time Job Costing

Job costs build as you develop the BOM

BOM Templates

Quickly build BOMs from existing templates