Shipping is made easy with Fraction ERP, integrated with stock management and invoicing

Track contract progress at a glance

Our shipment page allows to you view the status and (high-level) progress of your contracts, helping you to deliver on time. Keep on top of your despatch planning with the least amount of effort.

Create shipments with ease

Convert your contracts into shipments with just a couple of clicks. No more double entering of information and making mistakes!

Raise invoices directly from shipping

Click one button and convert your shipments into invoices. Use Fraction ERP to handle invoicing, or push them across to your cloud accounting software.

Email shipping notifications to customers

Stop printing and scanning shipping notifications, send them directly from Fraction ERP. No more opening multiple programs to get this simple task completed.

Print delivery notes and product labels

Quickly generate delivery notes and labels to accompany your shipments. Click, print, done.

Instantly raise certificates of conformance for any shipment

One click will create a certificate of conformance for your shipment.


View shipments due

Quickly see what is ready to ship in one place

Create shipments

Quickly capture key shipping information

Email notifications

Send despatch notifications directly from Fraction ERP