Simple production scheduling software

We get lots of the queries from people looking for simple production scheduling software.

We understand that many ERP users find complicated scheduling frustrating. It is time consuming too. When we set out to build Fraction ERP we wanted simple scheduling.

We also realise that people that are new to ERP don't want a difficult solution. Moving to an ERP system shouldn't be a headache.

What is simple production scheduling software?

So, how do we define "simple production scheduling software".

It has to meet these criteria. It has to be:

  1. Quick to use.
  2. Easy to learn.
  3. Effective.
  4. Intuitive.

The result was the visual scheduling board, shown below.

simple production scheduling software

You can learn more about how this tool works in our overview video here:

Our tool includes visual capacity bars, to help you choose the right slots. Fast capacity management options. Simple workcentre configuration. Auto planning (first available slots) and more...

The benefits of ERP scheduling

There are many clear benefits from having a simple production scheduling software tool.

  1. You can save time scheduling your works orders. Our approach is via fast rough cut planning and then more detailed planning (as you get closer to the production window).
  2. You don't have spend more money on advanced training courses to learn how to use our system. We include free support, including via our support site.
  3. Your schedule then creates clear work to lists for your production teams. Every operation, in the right sequence is available to your production teams.

As you'd expect, the work to lists feed our shop floor data capture function*. This then drives the visual works order tracking screens. These screens can save production supervisors hours every day!

* We include shop floor data capture for free within our pricing model.

If you are currently scheduling your production on whiteboards and on spreadsheets, stop! Simple production scheduling software is the way forward. The time you can save from scheduling inside Fraction ERP can pay for several monthly Fraction licenses alone!

Next steps

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