Can I deploy an ERP system without consultants?

The short answer is "yes!".

Many businesses choose to use consultants when launching an ERP system for two main reasons:

  1. The deployment is technically difficult, and not what the business is used to handling.
  2. The software is complicated and needs someone to guide them through the process of rolling out.

How is Fraction ERP different?

When we designed Fraction ERP we wanted to avoid situations like this.

We have purposely removed the complex options that you would find in a traditional ERP system. We haven't lost the functionality, just the confusion!

Let us address the two points above.

Is Fraction ERP easy to learn and use?

First and foremost we wanted Fraction ERP to be straightforward. We wanted it to be quick to learn and simple to use.

We promote a self-onboarding approach to our new clients, which works well.

We have a separate support site, which includes step by step walkthrough videos. You can see them here.

If you want to see how easy it is, in operation, then drop us a line to organise a free demo and we'll walk you through the system ourselves.

Plus, after the demo you can have access to Fraction ERP for two weeks to help you with your evaluation. You can see how easy it is to use for yourself.

And, if you are new to ERP systems, there are two resources that can really help:

  1. A high level workflow, explaining how the modules of Fraction ERP work.
  2. A free downloadable guide on selecting, deploying and managing an ERP system.

Do I need third party help to install and deploy?

The beauty of being a cloud ERP system, Fraction ERP is installed at our end. This means that you don't need:

  • Special PCs
  • A server
  • A backup strategy

You just open up a web browser and you're up and running. This can be on a laptop, PC, tablet or even smartphone.

The setup of Fraction ERP, to customise it for your business, takes just minutes. We have a simple configuration menu that allows you to configure the paperwork, the options for the drop downs and the factory setup.

Also, we're at the end of a phone, or an email, if the support site doesn't answer your questions.

ERP scheduling

Fraction ERP operates with simple screens, such as this visual scheduling screen

Can you deploy ERP without consultants?

We think the answer is yes. If you can operate a device with a web browser and are willing to use an ERP system, then the answer is definitely yes.

If you want learn more, you can:

If you have been concerned about the costs of an ERP implementation spiralling, we hope this article has given you some assurance that this doesn't have to be the case.

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