Powerful and easy to use cloud ERP and MRP software for manufacturers to integrate and grow their business.

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Organise and integrate your business processes.

Take control of your business by integrating workflows and data. Less admin, fewer mistakes and the dashboard will keep you on track every day.

Organise and integrate your business processes.
Move faster with easy workflows.

Move faster with easy workflows.

Respond to changing demands quickly. From new orders to inventory management and tracking production, getting visibility of processes and data enables you to be responsive.

Simplify teamwork with one platform.

Align your team with one platform. No more spreadsheets or calendar reminders; everyone works together with the same data.

Simplify teamwork with one platform.
Grow your business with data.

Grow your business with data.

Ready to grow your business? Focus on data insights to see how you are performing, where the opportunities are and when the wheels are falling off…and why!

Stay connected with cloud ERP

Cloud ERP means you can get up and running from day one. Work from home, office and check in during your business trip.

Stay connected with cloud ERP

Stunning Simplicity

It’s not easy to keep things simple. We are always focused on workflow and creating an intuitive user experience. We run Fraction ERP in our own companies; testing our own product in the real world every day! Try our 14 day trial to see how easy you can move your business into an ERP platform.

Integrate and Collaborate

Bring all your processes together in one place, connecting your team, reducing admin and collaborating.

Cloud Productivity

Get everyone connected from home, office, or on the road. Automatic updates and backups.

Budget Friendly

No up-front costs. Scale with your business growth. Unlimited remote support

Looking For Your First ERP system?

We help small businesses with an ERP solution that is easy to use, has no up front costs and runs on any computer.

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