Ridiculously Fast ERP

Experience the speed of Fraction ERP from the office, your home, the airport, or hotel. Fast and stable ERP build on cloud technologies.

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Integrate Processes

Data flows seamlessly through all departments in real time.

Increase Productivity

Manage your resources in one application to optimise your operation.

Bring Employees Together

Connect your shopfloor and management with one application.

Save Money

No upfront costs, no on-site server, unlimited free online support.

Improve Data Analysis

Monitor performance, dashboards and statistics to make the right decisions.

Easy Access

Factory, on the road, or at home; access anywhere, anytime.

Stunning Simplicity

It’s not easy to keep things simple. We are always focused on workflow and creating an intuitive user experience. We run Fraction ERP in our own companies; so are testing our own product in the real world every day! Try our 14 day trial to see how easy you can move your business into an ERP platform.

Integrate and Collaborate

Bring all your processes together in one place, connecting your team, reducing admin and collaborating.

Cloud Productivity

Get everyone connected from home, Office, or on the road. Automatic updates and backups.

Budget Friendly

No up-front costs. Unlimited Remote Support

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Take a look around Fraction ERP, see how it works and how it could benefit your company.

2. Free trial

Like what you saw on the demo? Take 14 days to set it up for your company and show the team.

3. Subscribe

When you are ready, the trial account is yours and you continue with Fraction ERP.

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