Fraction ERP system walkthrough videos

To find out more about Fraction ERP, please view the walkthrough videos below.

Our cloud ERP system is designed to be a digital replica of your factory.

The contracts module allows you create quotes for your customers and manage your sales orders quickly and effectively.

To create products and saleable items for your business, you need to use the BOM (Bill of Materials) module. This module combines the parts stored in your system to define product structures, define manufacturing routes and calculate job costings.

If you operate a 'make to stock' business, utilising our make to stock works orders function is a fast way to create production order to replenish your stock levels.

Buying and receiving materials and products into your business is a simple affair with our purchasing and goods received modules.

Fraction ERP's visual weekly scheduling board is a fast way to schedule your production and define work to lists for your production teams.

Balancing your factory's capacity is key to utilising your resources effectively and achieving a high on time delivery performance. Our capacity module allows you to quickly review and rebalance your production order book.

Spending hours each day walking the shop floor to find out the status of your production orders is not productive. Using our slick shop floor tracking module is, however.

Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) is a simple way to capture production times and real time production updates. Our SFDC module is easy to use and SFDC users are free with a Fraction ERP subscription!

Once your production orders are ready to be shipped, our shipping module lets you quickly create delivery notes.

Non-conformances and quality issues are a part of life. Fraction ERP's fast NCR system can help you manage this process and provide a robust tool to complement your ISO 9001 quality management system.

Once your orders have been despatched, you need to get paid for your hard work. Invoices are quick to raise and integrate with Xero accounting.

Maintaining an accurate stock level is vital to meeting your customer's demands and not tying up working capital. Our stock management approach is simple, fast and effective.

Make sure that you are on top of your manufacturing operations and sales activities with our fast access dashboard. Make the right decisions quicker with our powerful summary information.

Integrate your business operations with your cloud finance software with our simple integration option.

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