Non conformance dashboard

Non conformance dashboards can really help a manufacturing team to improve and develop their processes. At the heart of every quality management system, non conformances can revolutionise the results you can achieve.

There are some common issues around non conformances and non conformance dashboards that we think we have addressed in Fraction ERP.

1. Non conformances are separate from the ERP system

Not here at Fraction ERP! We've built non conformance reporting (NCR) directly into Fraction ERP. From the Quality menu, you can dive right into the NCR register, which leads to the next point.

non conformance dashboard - full NCR register

Non conformance register within Fraction ERP

2. NCRs are difficult to raise

In Fraction ERP you can raise NCRs from different places, reducing the need to hunt down a form when you need it!

In the screenshots below you can see how NCRs are raised from works orders and via the production tracking screen.

non conformances - raise directly from production tracking

Raising NCRs directly from the production tracking screen

non conformances - raise from the works order

Fraction ERP allows NCRs to be raised from the works order page

3. NCRs don't get to the root cause

We recognise this from our own experience with NCRs, not even factoring in an ERP system! In our experience, most non conformances are given a light review and you know that you are then waiting for the same basic issue to surface again...

We're fans for the 5 why method to dig under the skin of a problem. We like it so much we've built it into Fraction ERP's NCR page. Using this approach, you have a better chance of dealing with the real issue and not putting a sticking plaster over the issue.

non conformance reporting - using the 5 why method

5 Why method in use within Fraction ERP

4. Lack of a visible NCR action log

Identifying the root cause is one thing. What about the corrective actions?

This feature is part of Fraction ERP too. Assign actions from the NCR report and then manage them via their own corrective action log.

Add the corrective action directly to the NCR report

Review all corrective actions in one place

5. Poor action tracking - no non conformance dashboard!

To help tie the corrective actions into a regular management approach, we've included open NCRs on our dashboard. The dashboard is the first thing you see when you open Fraction ERP. If you run a sunrise meeting approach, or daily production meeting, clicking on the 'open NCRs' tile will take you straight through to a list of the open non conformances. Simple.

non conformance dashboard

Fraction ERP's dashboard - including the non conformance dashboard element

Good quality practices can make a huge difference to the performance of a manufacturing business. We hope that you can see from this article that we've built this into Fraction ERP, to make your life easier.

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