Non Conformance Reporting

Having a simple and fast way to effectively manage your manufacturing non-conformities is vital to any business that wants to be known for quality. Even better, if you operate an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, then this functionality is essential.

Fraction ERP has a very simple, but effective, workflow for handling non-conformances and NCRs (Non Conformance Reports).

The video below shows this function in operation and covers the corrective actions management function.

One of the approaches we have embraced with our online system is the 5 Why method. This approach is a great way to drill down and get to grips with the root cause of an issue.

It is our hope that when you use our system you can find out what fundamental issues are causing the problems you see. Just attacking the symptoms rarely gets you a long term gain. Using our NCR forms could direct your thinking so that you can get a tangible performance gain.

If you have never used it before don't worry, after a few goes of using this approach it will make sense. In reality, it can very quickly become a tool that you can use right across your business.

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