Shop Floor Data Collection - the shop floor view

One of the questions we get asked during demos is:

"What does the shop floor team see?"

It is easy during a demonstration to focus on what the managers see and what the administration and planning teams see.

The video below shows the view from the shop floor teams. In particular, this video walks you through the steps of Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC).

Shop Floor Data Collection is a great way to supplement your shop floor tracking activities. The data can be used to help pinpoint productivity issues and establish an effective utilisation factor for your ERP system.

Speaking from my (Giles) previous Production Manager life, knowing exactly where your production orders are at is essential. Knowing where they are, at the touch of a button, saves so much time from the working day. Customers are happier. On time delivery levels naturally improve. Life can become (a little) easier.

Enjoy the video. If you want to learn more about Fraction ERP then check out our videos here, or sign up for a full demo using the form below.

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