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Do you manage your business by exceptions?

It is a really fast way to manage, only dealing with the key issues and not all the minutiae.

Many businesses do this the other way round. They look at all of the information they can get their hands on (in case they miss something). They take a long time to process this information and this leads to sluggish management decisions. In the medium term this limits effectiveness, productivity and delivery performance. In the longer term this can cause growth plans to be stifled.

How can you expand if the admin grows exponentially at the same time?

Or, you could try the inverse strategy. Look at nothing and hope for the best. No, we don't recommend this approach either.

As we believe in managing by exceptions, and that ERP systems are a productivity tool, we've moved our dashboard to the first page you see when you log into Fraction ERP.

Fraction ERP's dashboard

As you can see from the image above, when you log into Fraction ERP you are presented with this dashboard. Each metric is a link that you can click on and view the information behind it.

By starting on this page you can reduce the management time required to run an ERP system (and your business). By looking at the dashboard and clicking on the link in question (e.g. overdue operations), you go straight to the information. The relevant information is pre-filtered for you, so you can ask the right questions and take the right actions straightaway.

If you aren't already running with an exception reporting mindset then we recommend you explore this option within your own business. To put it into effect you simply need to determine what situations 'raise a flag'. Once these situations have been defined, filter your business data according to these rules and then focus your attention there.

Taking this approach can slash the time it takes to find out where production is, manage your business processes and support your team effectively.

We've taken this exact approach into the design of Fraction ERP.

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