Order Management Software - moving to an ERP system

If your current order management software is a spreadsheet, then you might be wondering if it is worth moving to an ERP system.

Or, if your management system is paper based / whiteboard based, then you might be thinking the same thing.

We know that moving from an existing system to an ERP system can be a daunting task. This is part of the dilemma we wanted to resolve when we initially designed Fraction ERP.

Below, I will share with you some of the normal concerns people have with changing their order management software, and how we have responded to the challenge.

Issue: order management software is expensive

Fraction ERP isn't free, but it isn't expensive either. There should always be a business case for investing in software, especially order management software. We have a clear pricing arrangement, which you can see here. From working with our current customers we know that by using Fraction ERP you can save time on the administration that surrounds production. This freed up time can be used for more productive tasks in your business, which will help you to generate more profit.

When you take the total cost into account, Fraction ERP is not expensive.

Issue: it takes a long time to change systems

Moving from one system to another can take time, if you let it. We designed Fraction ERP so that you can open up the modules as you need to. You can 'seesaw' from your existing order management system to ours in a multi stepped way. There isn't the need for a big bang changeover (and the risks that are associated with it). This reduces the level of preparation needed, as you can ease yourself in gently.

Fraction ERP enables a smooth, quick, transition through our flexible approach to processing orders.

Issue: there's lots to learn with a new system

One of the regular troubles with order management software is that they force you to do a whole lot of 'stuff' before you can process an order. We wanted to avoid this, so we stripped back as much of the complexity as possible. This leaves in just the right amount of process so it's easy to learn. Also, we haven't given you eight ways to perform the same task. One simple way to perform each task.

Fraction ERP is quick to learn because we have kept it simple.

Fraction's simple visual scheduling screen

Issue: the new system won't be flexible enough

A concern we have heard many times is around the flexibility of order management software. We addressed this early on by making sure that you can operate Fraction ERP pretty much any way you want to. Use all the steps, don't use all the steps. Add in tons of data, don't. The choice is yours.

However you want to use your ERP system, Fraction ERP should let you do it.

Issue: I can access my spreadsheet anywhere

With the changes in cloud computing, it is easy to access spreadsheets remotely. Fraction ERP is no different and can be fully accessed from anywhere, on any device. Whilst we advocate a good work balance, it does mean that if you have forgotten something at work, you can jump on for two minutes at home and get it sorted.

Fraction ERP is fully cloud based, so you can work when you want, how you want.

If you are looking for a new order management software option for your business, then check out Fraction ERP today.

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Moving order management software needn't be tricky, to find out more - get in touch today.

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