Nonconformance management software

One of the features of Fraction ERP is the nonconformance management software module.

We realised that having your nonconformances within your ERP system is a lot more convenient than trying to juggle a second system.

As we have come from the manufacturing industry, there are a few features we wanted to make sure we included:

  • Options to make raising a nonconformance as easy as possible.
  • Guidance to identify the root cause of the issue.
  • A way to capture the costs.
  • An easy way to assign actions.
  • A simple way to keep your finger on the pulse with nonconformance closeout.

So, how did we do?

Let us show you this through series of screenshots:

Create a nonconformance record directly from the works order screen

Capture the root cause (red), action (green) and costs (blue)

Manage corrective actions in one place

Check on the number of open nonconformances via Fraction ERP's dashboard

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