Is simple ERP the future?

Simple ERP is a term that seems to be gaining momentum. As we've been on the mission of simple ERP for years, we think it is about time!

Here are five of our favourite reasons why we think simple ERP is the wave of the future.

Easy to learn

Training your team how to use a new computer system takes time and effort. If you can spend less time and less effort doing this, you can get back to what you should be doing. Making money through helping your customers.

Quick to deploy

As well as being fast to pick up, being able to roll out the software is key. One way Fraction ERP does this, as a simple ERP option, is the fact it is in the cloud. No server, no installation, no manual updates. Just open a web browser and you're up and running.

simple erp scheduling

Simple works order scheduling within Fraction ERP

Fast to use

When you simplify ERP, you end up with fewer steps to carry out. Fewer steps can mean that your processes become faster. Fast ERP can be translated into more profits, if you re-direct your time.

Hard to mess up

If the ERP system is easy to learn, quick to deploy and fast to use (and make decisions with), then it becomes harder to mess up. This is an important factor when you are new to ERP systems (or at any stage of your ERP life).

simple erp dashboard

The simple dashboard in Fraction ERP

Costs less

A really strong point is that simple ERP systems often have fewer features and as a result cost lest. We've taken this stance. We've left out features that only certain businesses need from an ERP system. We've kept our development costs lower and that means we can pass that reduced cost on to our customers. You can check out our pricing page here for more information.

Online demo

If you want to see what our simple ERP system looks like, organise a demo today by filling in the form below.

Because we made a simple ERP system, we offer a two week free trial so you can put Fraction ERP through its paces. We don't have to hold your hands every step of the journey.

If you are thinking about ERP for the first time for your business, please keep it simple!

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