Is it hard to implement an ERP system?

This is a challenge for any owner, operations manager or production manager that has been tasked with finding and deploying an ERP system.

Is it hard?

Obviously, a large complex ERP system is a lot more onerous than a smaller system. Experience of implementing and embedding previous ERP systems helps. Having a good team around you makes life a lot easier...

...but what if you don't have this in your favour?

Quick and simple: Fraction ERP's visual scheduling board

Why we built Fraction ERP

This is precisely the challenge we wanted to avoid.

Giles spent a large part of his employed and consulting career working with businesses that didn't understand their ERP system. They often didn't know what they had purchased, let alone how to use it.

ERP should be a force for good, not something that detracts from your day to day.

This is why we built Fraction ERP, to help normal production teams quickly grasp the tools and then get on with their job in a more effective and productive way.

Do you want some quick tips?

We get asked a lot of questions when we run demos around deploying ERP systems as well as about Fraction itself.

We've pulled a lot of these general questions together and compiled them into our free guide.

If you avoid the pitfalls laid out in the guide, you should find yourself having an easier time getting the most from an ERP system (whether it is Fraction ERP or another system).

You can get hold of a copy here, or by filling in the form below.

ERP that helps the business and the implementation

I hope you find the guide useful. ERP should be a friend to your business, not a time consuming cost.

Implementing an ERP system isn't hard if you find a system that you think will help, that appears easy to learn and will genuinely help your team members. If it looks like it will help, you don't have to push people to use it (as much!).

If you want to find out what Fraction ERP looks like and how it works, then check out our overview videos or sign up for a free demo using the form below.

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