Consolidating sales order demand

Another of our recent updates in Fraction ERP is the sales order consolidation option.

This function allows you to group sales order demand together and create a single works order. This approach can help save you time when it comes to scheduling, ordering materials and administrating production to meet sales demand.

This is a simple task to perform.

First, under the Contracts menu, select Demand.

On the demand screen, select the sales order demand that you wish to group. You can see an example in the screenshot below.

After you click on the 'Raise WO' button, the next screen appears.

Here you can amend the works order further, if you need to. You can change the quantity and the start date, before you confirm the works order.

When the work order is generated, you are taken to the works order page. On this screen you can amend the works order further and schedule it for production.

We hope that you can see just how simple and effective Fraction ERP is. If you want to learn more about how Fraction ERP works, and how it can help organise and improve control for your business, then sign up for a free demo using the form below.

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