Linking manual purchase orders to work orders

Fraction ERP allows you to work flexibly; this is one of the features that our customers love.

Like many other ERP systems, you can raise purchase orders without looking at the manufacturing demand (but most of the time we recommend you do!). But, one of the issues some of our customers have had is assigning their supply with the demand, so that they can keep of top of their ordering and traceability / future 'drill down' of information around orders.

During our latest release we have added the option to manually 'tag' a purchase order to a work order demand, as you can see on the screenshots below:

1. Select the work order you want to assign a purchase order to, click on the corresponding '+ LINK PO' button.

2. Select the appropriate purchase order from the list and click on the 'SAVE' button.

That's it. You can do the same in reverse too. You can view a purchase order and re-assign it to a work order. This way, if you have changed the deliveries with your supplier you can update your arrangements in the ERP system too.

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