A fast way to find your ERP system

Searching for an ERP system can feel tricky for many of us. Time is often a scarce resource; looking for a new computer system on top of that can seem too much. In this article I want to give you a really quick and powerful way for you to find your next computer system (whether that is an ERP system, or not).

I recall a company that spoke to us because they were unhappy with their current ERP system. As we learned why they were unhappy we asked them how they ended up with their current system. It turned out that they got the same system as other people they knew. We're fans of word of mouth marketing, unfortunately it hadn't been a recommendation. It was just a fact (that everyone had the same software) and it seemed that no one was happy with it...

So, what do you do when you need to find an ERP system and you don't feel that you have time?

Find out who they developed it for

A fast way to weed out the ERP suppliers that aren't a good match for your business is to find out why the software was built in the first place. There is often a story and a focus behind the software. Finding this story shouldn't be hard. A quick look on their website, or a conversation, can reveal this.

The focus that the software supplier has will most likely change the functionality of the software. If you look at the features on offer you should be able to see if there is a good match between what you need and what they offer.

This question about who the software was built for can cut through so much of the noise in the marketplace. You still need to perform your evaluation but knowing who the software is for is a really fast and effective way to get to the heart of the matter.

First time ERP system

To put this into perspective, let us tell you who Fraction ERP is for.

It is aimed at:

manufacturers that need their first ERP system.

To keep our system simple, to make it useable and affordable for new ERP users, we've had to leave out some of the more complex features.

Our software isn't for everyone. It isn't for large multinationals that need complex software and integrations to machinery. It isn't for companies that need direct integration with supplier ERP systems.

But, if a business is looking to upgrade from their spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper based scheduling... we could be an ideal ERP system for them!

Free trial period

At Fraction ERP we are big advocates of trying out software. Even though our price point makes it easy to to get started with, we don't want anyone to waste their time. We offer a free two week trial account for this very reason. We want prospective new users to get a proper test drive of our system.

Playing with and using an ERP system is the best way to evaluate the software. Please bear this in mind when you are looking for your next piece of software.

Simple, visual, scheduling tools like this are central to Fraction ERP

Finding the match

I hope this short article has given you a different perspective on how to find an ERP system that fits your needs.

There are many ways to search for and locate ERP software for your business but don't underestimate aligning who you are with what the supplier stands for.

If you are a manufacturer looking for your first ERP system and you'd like to learn more about Fraction ERP, please sign up for a free demo and trial account using the form below.

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