Do you have your finger on the pulse of your NCRs?

Many businesses have a love / hate relationship with their NCRs (Non Conformance Reports). They know they need to do them (if they want to avoid repeating the same mistakes time and time again) but juggling them with everything else is a challenge.

Fraction ERP has, for quite some time, had an NCR function built directly into it. Now, you can manage NCRs directly from your dashboard. One system, one place to review, one place to manage your business operations.

Let us give you a quick run through of the NCR system.

erp non conformance reporting dashboard

Access open NCRs directly from the Fraction ERP dashboard

erp non conformance reporting tool

Create NCRs directly from your Works Orders detail page

erp non conformance reporting quick access

Create NCRs from the high level Works Order tracking page

erp non conformance reporting management

Manage all of your NCRs with our quick filter system

erp non conformance report

Use the built in 5 why analysis, assign actions and gather costs

If you use a 'Sunrise meeting' approach, or a more traditional daily production meeting, our dashboard can help you to manage your NCRs as part of your normal working day. If your quality management system is managed less frequently (just before an external audit, for example), this approach can save you a lot of time and confusion as you change habits.

And, let's not forget, dealing with NCRs in the manner that they are intended means that you build a better business.

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