SFDC is easy with Fraction ERP!

SFDC stands for Shop Floor Data Collection. It is a function of most ERP systems that allows you to track time and progress on your production orders.

We include it for free with our paid subscriptions and we've made our shop floor tools even better. We made it free so you don't have to decide whether you want it or not and potentially miss out!

Our operations screen now has a 'ready' filter. This screen, which provides the 'work to list', now shows the live queue of operations.

Work to lists are ready at the touch of a button

Once the operator logs into Fraction ERP, they can see their live operations. They can log in and start capturing time against their jobs.

To give you a feel for our SFDC system, check out this video:

To find out more about Fraction ERP check out our features page.

If you think Fraction ERP might be a good fit for your business, use the form below to organise your free demo.

If the demo looks good and you think Fraction ERP can support your goals, we offer a free two week trial. Use this period to test out the system with your own data. If you like it, you can move onto a subscription. If it's not for you, no worries!

Whatever you do, using SFDC brings your shop floor tracking tools to life. If you have the functionality, make sure you use it to its fullest.

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