SFDC (Shop Floor Data Collection) comes free with Fraction ERP

Wait... did you say that your SFDC is free?


When we built the first version of Fraction ERP we didn't want people to overthink moving to us. We didn't want people having to make a decision between opting for SFDC, or not.

SFDC stands for Shop Floor Data Collection and makes an ERP system come to life. It makes tracking around the shop floor trying to locate production a thing of the past.

Many ERP companies charge an extra amount each month for each shop floor user that you add to your ERP system. For some businesses this changes the decision to proceed with an ERP system. As we said earlier, we didn't want this to be a consideration to wrestle over. So, we included it with our subscription packages.

With a minimum of a two user system, you can have as many SFDC licenses as you need. Your whole shop floor can log onto works orders and start logging their time and their progress. Production tracking becomes automated. You can now spend management and supervisory time in the right areas. No more trudging around the shop floor looking for your customer's orders.

The two videos below provide more detail on this. The first video provides an overview of the production tracking functions. The second video shows you the SFDC tools from the shop floor user's perspective.

If you want to find out what the rest of our cloud ERP system can do for your business, sign up for a free demo using the form below. If you aren't quite ready to get in touch, then check out our video overviews here.

SFDC for free... who would have thought it?

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