The benefits of a simpler ERP system

When you search for an ERP system it can be frightening just how many options there are available today.

So many variations... So many features... We recognise that this can cause more problems than it solves.

We intentionally made Fraction ERP a stripped back ERP system. We don't hide the fact that our system doesn't do some of the things that larger (and more expensive) systems can do.

We also don't hide the fact that our software is aimed at businesses that are looking for their first ERP system, or need a simpler alternative to what they have already.

This article will look at pros and cons of a simplified ERP system and why we pushed our system in this direction.

The pros of a simpler ERP system

We're sure that you have a good feel for this already.

A simpler ERP system is:

  • Easier to learn
  • Easier to deploy
  • Quicker to get results
  • Easier to maintain
  • Cheaper for the business to purchase
  • More flexible / easier to align with wider working practices
  • Easier to update

Clean, simple, visual scheduling screens are present in Fraction ERP

The cons of a simpler ERP system

You can't have it both ways (simpler and do everything). Sacrifices have to be made. The cons of a simpler ERP system include:

  • Very specific functions aren't covered
  • Could be too simple for complex planning / scheduling situations
  • Difficult to apply into some larger, complex, organisations (with varied requirements across the organisation)
  • Harder to customise
  • Specific integrations not developed (functions like supplier and customer EDI connections, or specific software integrations)

Why is Fraction ERP a 'simpler' ERP system?

Most of our customers are moving to their first ERP system. They're moving away from whiteboards and spreadsheets (and paper) to their first computer driven system. Like learning to drive a car, your first attempt is unlikely to be in a Ferrari!

We know how much disruption a traditional ERP system can cause to a business during implementation. We also know how costs can rack up.

So, as part of our mission, we want to ensure that Fraction ERP can help to minimise disruption, keep costs transparent and allow you to maximise your productivity and results.

We know that you need to focus on running (and growing) your business, not mucking about with an ERP system implementation that is dragging on and on.

We have a full range of features but don't give you thirty three ways to carry out the same operation.

We allow you to work flexibly within the system, you can use the functions and modules that you need to now and expand later on (as your confidence with the system grows).

Our pricing is visible here. As we are cloud based, backups and updates are automatic. All you need is a web browser and you're away.

We offer a free trial

Seeing is believing and you can see for yourself how Fraction ERP works when you take our free two week trial.

We recommend that you organise a free online demo from us first, so that you can get the most out of your trial. You can organise this by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

In the demo we'll show you the parts of the system that should give you the greatest benefit, as well as a brief overview of the rest of the system. From there, you can put your data into your own secure Fraction ERP account.

If you like Fraction ERP, you can start your subscription and keep going.

If it isn't for you, we'd be happy to point you in a more suitable direction. All your data will be purged also.

Simplicity isn't easy!

We hope this article has helped you to understand some of the benefits of a simpler ERP system.

Deciding what to leave out, and what to significantly cut back, hasn't always been an easy road to travel. But, it is one that we believe in. This is even more important when you are looking for your first ERP system and your team are relatively new to how an ERP system works.

The joining up of data, the automation, the ease of access to your data and the saving of time are all good reasons to embark on an ERP implementation.

If you want some guidance with looking for an ERP system, and getting the most out of one when you have deployed, then download our free ERP implementation guide.

Good luck with your ERP journey.

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