Save time with your estimating with our price break tool

If you have customers that need price breaks as part of their quotes, Fraction ERP can help. We know that it takes time to calculate the price breaks. We also know that this information can help your customers to decide what order quantity to place. Our price break tool can help speed up the process and save you time.

Our fast BOM creation tool produces real time job costing; this can be seen in the video below. As you add components and material to your structure the costs change. The same goes for manufacturing operations. As you configure the production sequence and durations, the costs are calculated automatically.

The total cost can be reviewed at the bottom of the screen, margins can be adjusted and manually determined selling prices can be inputted. You can also capture costing snapshots, for future review if you want to make further changes and want to record the history for reference.

Below the costing information is the price break grid. When you are generating quotes you can view your price break data on one tab and have the quote module open on another tab in your browser. By quickly reviewing the data you can quickly generate quotations for your customers.

The price break calculator

To help you produce multiple quotes, quickly, you can use our quote snapshot tool for fast quote generation. The quote snapshots allow you create multiple options for your customers with just a few clicks. These can be saved and when your customer decides what order quantity they want you to provide, you can finalise the quote and convert it into a sales order.

Using the snapshots function really speeds up the quote process when you want to provide options for your customers.

Quote snapshots being created

If you're spending time going back and forward to your customers with alternative price breaks then Fraction ERP can help you and your team save time. If you want to find out more then check out our walkthrough videos, or let us show you how the system can make your business more productive via a free online demo. You can sign up below.

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