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When we set out to build Fraction, we wanted to make something that was low cost, easy to use and scalable for a growing business. We opted to create a cloud solution for a variety of reasons. In this article we'll help explain some of the reasons why cloud MRP software can offer your business advantages over server based ERP solutions.

What is Cloud MRP Software?

Cloud MRP software is designed to take the hassle out of managing production needs. It is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to store all data related to the manufacturing process in a secure server, and access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

We've designed Fraction so that you can access it from your smartphone, if you are on the go. Most users will access the data from an Internet browser on their PC or laptop. But, with cloud technologies, any screen is viable.

As with traditional MRP software, the cloud version can keep track of your supply chain, inventory levels, and production schedules seamlessly and accurately. The big benefit of the cloud here is eliminating costly server infrastructure and software installations. Plus, with advanced security features like encryption technology, your data will remain safe and secure.

Cloud MRP software is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their production processes and save time and money. It is ideal for a business that is looking for their first MRP system too as the traditional headaches are gone.

cloud MRP software

Fraction ERP's visual scheduling screen

Where is the data stored?

When it comes to cloud MRP software, one of the most important questions is: where is the data stored? The answer is simple – in the server of the MRP software vendor. But don't worry, your data is safe and secure. All Fraction ERP's data is kept in a secure Google server. Plus, if you ever need to export your data for any reason, it can be done easily.

As the data is in the cloud, along with the software, it means that any updates to the software happen without you needing a separate IT team. You can access your data any time, any location. Cloud computing offers convenience at a low cost; one of the reasons we built Fraction in the first place. We were fed up with expensive, clunky, software to run our manufacturing businesses. Rather than complain, we built Fraction ERP.

Benefits of cloud MRP

Cloud MRP software is quickly becoming the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes. With cloud MRP, companies can streamline their operations and reduce costs in a number of ways. From improved accuracy and increased visibility to faster decision making and more efficient production, there are countless benefits that come with using a cloud MRP system.

One of the biggest advantages is scalability – with cloud MRP companies can expand without having to invest in expensive hardware. The tools in Fraction ERP can save many hours per day of management time. Decision making can speed up. Tracking production can be automated. Purchasing transactions streamlined.

Not only does this save companies time and money, but it also allows them to focus on strategic initiatives such as customer service, innovation and growth.

All in all, cloud MRP software offers numerous advantages for businesses looking to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. With its scalability, improved accuracy, faster decision making and secure data storage capabilities – it's no wonder why more companies are turning to cloud solutions every day!

Fraction ERP joins up the traditional MRP functions with wider business activities

MRP versus ERP

We are using the terms ERP and MRP interchangeably. They actually refer to different parts of a manufacturing software solution. MRP deals with the core of manufacturing and production. ERP covers the rest of the business - quoting, shipping and invoicing (amongst other things).

With Fraction ERP you can access all of the features of a normal MRP solution (Bills of Materials, Purchasing, Works Orders) with the additional ERP features (scheduling, shipping, capacity management and more). We have included Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) for free with all of our subscription levels.

Are you ready to get started?

In conclusion, cloud MRP software is a great choice for businesses of any size. With the added security benefits of data storage on secure cloud servers, you can be sure that your valuable information will remain safe and protected. Now that you’re aware of the advantages of cloud MRP software, why not make the switch today?

At Fraction we offer a free online demo so that you can learn more about how the software can help your business to grow and how we work. Knowing if you can work with our team is just as important as the software we provide.

To help you test drive Fraction ERP, we also offer a free two week trial. We will provide you with your own instance of Fraction that you can use in with your data. This is secure and only you can see your data. If you like the system, start a subscription and keep going. If it isn't for you, we're just pleased that we helped you on your journey.

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ERP has always been a great tool for manufacturers. Having a cloud based ERP system just means that even small manufacturers can take advantage of these tools without having to break the bank.

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