What is erp mrp software?

If you are new to erp software you might find some of the terms confusing.

Many people use the terms erp and mrp interchangeably. So, what's the difference?

MRP is a term from the mid 1970s, and stands for Materials Requirements Planning. In short, it focuses on meeting demand (sales orders) with supply (works orders and purchases).

MRP II (2) appeared in the late 1970s and stands for Manufacturing Resource Planning. This 'engine' is concerned with capacity / resource levels and when operations take place.

erp mrp software

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These two operated quite happily until the early 1990s, when ERP appeared. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and effectively ties the organisation together. From enquiry through to invoices, ERP joins business processes together into one solution.

There are now many ERP solutions available, including cloud ERP. As ERP has become synonymous with business software the range of tools and functions between options differ a lot.

Each ERP system offers something different. They are often tailored to suit different business types.

How do you choose?

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So, next time someone asks about erp mrp software, you'll know the difference!

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