What is a straightforward and low cost ERP system?

When you search for an ERP system are you overwhelmed by the complexity of systems?

Many businesses tell us of this concern. They know they need to move away from their existing tools. Their whiteboards and spreadsheets aren't scratching the itch anymore. Also, the jump to an ERP system looks too complex.

It's catch 22.

When we designed Fraction ERP this was core to our mission. We wanted to ensure that users could pick up the software fast. We wanted a minimal learning curve and processes that make sense. We wanted users to be able to access the system from anywhere.

If you have watched any of our walkthrough videos you should be able to see this for yourself.


Everything has to be straightforward

Patrick, Junzi and myself (Giles) were keen that Fraction had to be straightforward.

We wanted to avoid long training courses and extensive manuals.

We want you to replicate / improve what you are already doing with the least effort!

The other key factor we wanted to offer was being low cost.

If you have seen our pricing structure then I hope you agree.

Practical, low cost, pricing

There is no installation fee.

Support comes with the price too.

To cap it off, shop floor data collection (SFDC) users are free with a subscription. We didn't want you to have to decide between the two.

SFDC invigorates your system with data. This data helps you to make better and faster decisions when managing production.

If you have been looking for an ERP system that is straightforward and low cost then I am pleased you are here.

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