What makes Fraction ERP different

To help our readers compare our software with other ERP systems  on the market today, we looked at our competitors and realised one thing... everyone's software is amazing!

So, rather than try to position our software against other vendors, we thought that we'd share with you some of the things that we think makes Fraction ERP stand out from the crowd...

1. We built this from bitter experience

In short, Patrick had spent years wrestling with complex and expensive ERP systems before he started to build his own system (that later became Fraction ERP). Giles has consulted around the UK for years, helping businesses untangle the mess they had gotten into with their ERP deployment.

We understand first hand the difficulties ERP can bring, and also how to avoid these pitfalls. We've designed Fraction ERP to be as simple as possible!

One of our clients left this review on Capterra:

"Moving over to Fraction was the best decision we could have made. It was a breath of fresh air to go from a convoluted and clunky system to such a slick and user friendly one. From setting up customer and supplier records right through to raising an invoice the process is simple, yet all of the information is there and easy to find. Even making changes is simple, when, in the past with other systems, it has either been impossible or very long winded. The support that we are given is second to none, the team are more than happy to listen to feedback and have made a few tweaks that have made our lives even easier. I would recommend Fraction 100% to any business."

Sarah, Atelier

2. We have our own in-house ”test bed” or “proving ground”

Oiltech Bearings is owned by Patrick. It was the first host of Fraction ERP and continues to be real world proving ground

As changes are made to Fraction ERP, Oiltech helps us to spot any issues and smooth them out.  Oiltech Bearings also helps optimise the system for simplicity and efficiency, down to every click.

If we are happy to run it in our own business then we are sure this says a lot about the confidence we have in our ERP system.

3. This has been built using the Lean Manufacturing approach

Patrick and Giles are advocates of the Lean manufacturing approach; minimising waste whilst maximising the value added (aka profit!). We have taken the same approach when it comes to ERP systems.

If we can find a way to reduce the number of clicks, we'll do it. If we can reduce the number of ways something can be done (to reduce confusion), we'll do it also.

Fraction ERP was designed to be quick to learn and easy to use. We may have dropped a few features from our ERP system to make this happen but that is for the greater good. If you need some specific features that we don't have, then we're probably not the ERP system for you. If you need everything else but want to deploy fast and want to be up and running quickly then we probably are the ERP system you have been looking for!

ERP system - production scheduling

Our fast visual scheduling board can get your production teams up and running in minutes!

4. Our customers helped to design Fraction ERP

We started with the frustrations of ERP that our customers and ourselves have experienced. We worked to eliminate all the things that people hate about ERP. This approach of starting with the user expectations is part of our philosophy.

Any issues our customers were facing, got added to our development plans.

We wanted to build an ERP system that helps businesses take their first steps into ERP. We know that so many businesses are fearful of ERP and are unsure about moving on from spreadsheets and whiteboards...

As the customer quote says on our home page:

"We no longer struggle with spreadsheets since implementing Fraction ERP. We spend much less time on admin and chasing information. It has helped us maintain control of production and keep an eye on the business, with everything in one place.”

Dave, Black Hills Products

5. Flexibility to work with the modules you need, within the system

Giles has spent a lot of time with companies that have done the 'big bang' ERP implementation. If it goes well, great. If it doesn't go so well... that's where Giles get’s  called in.

Fraction ERP allows you to use the parts of the system that you need the most.  If you are only ready to use the contracts module (quotes and sales orders), then you can use just that module. If you are ready to use the purchasing function, you can use that when you are ready.

The same goes for inventory management, works orders, scheduling, shop floor data collection and so on.

You can get as sophisticated as you want to, or leave it simple. Whatever works for your business. This is how Fraction ERP is designed and how ERP should be.

If you want to learn more about ERP implementations, then check out our free guide here.

6. One simple price with no add-ons or hidden charges.

There is nothing worse than wanting to expand the reach of your ERP system, only to be hit with additional fees or charges for the service.  Fraction ERP has no add-ons, additional charges or hidden fees. What you see is what you get and that includes unlimited online and telephone support. 

In fact, there is one item that I want to draw your attention to: Unlimited Shop Floor Data Capture.

We've seen a lot of ERP system that charge for this separately. This has been a deciding factor for many businesses that have either had tight budgets or weren't not sure about the potential of this feature.

We didn't want our customers to choose, so we made it part of the basic package.

Shop floor data collection can save hours of time every day with keeping on top of where your production orders are in the process (Giles used to be a Production Manager, he knows!). Plus, the data can help you to improve your future production runs by providing invaluable information about the time it takes to complete your manufacturing operations.

We don't want cost to be a show stopper for businesses moving to an ERP system. You can see our pricing information on this page.

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We hope that this article has given you a better insight into how we tick at Fraction ERP.

If you want to find out more about an ERP system that has a different background, check out our features page here.

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