How Fraction ERP's invoicing works

One of the challenges our modern age brings us is the sheer number of apps we now have.

Yes, Fraction ERP is clearly another app. We have built it as a modern ERP system to help cover a wide range of activities, hopefully minimising the number of other apps you require to run your business.

One of the regular questions we get is around ERP invoicing. This post aims to give you a better idea of how it works within Fraction ERP and how our links to online accounting software should save you some more apps!

Linking to accounting software

At the time of writing, Fraction ERP links to three online accounting packages:

  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • Sage

These are the popular options that our customers use. The integration is quick and you can link directly from our dashboard, as shown below. Click the integration, sign in to authorise the connection, and you're in!

erp invoicing - integrations

Linking Fraction ERP to your cloud accounting package is quick and easy

Setting up the financial side of Fraction ERP

We've made all of the configuration and setup activities in Fraction ERP as easy as we can. From the gear icon (any page), you can access the options page. On this page you can add in the options you want to see in the dropdown functions of the software.

As you can see in the image below, the page is straightforward, so this can be done quickly. Click on the edit button next to the option and add / remove / edit the options. Save the information and you're done!

Configuring Fraction ERP is completed with just a few clicks

Creating invoices in Fraction ERP

After you create a shipment, to send your order to your customer, you get the option to raise the invoice within Fraction ERP. The settings of the invoice come from the options that are set via the options page.

You can see the 'raise' button in the image below. The quick filters let you manage this screen effectively.

erp invoicing - raise invoices

Raising an invoice via Fraction ERP's shipments page

Pushing your invoices through to your accounts package

When you have a linked accounts package, pushing the invoices across is just a click of the mouse. The button that appears depends on what finance package you have linked to (Sage says Sage, Xero says Xero etc...).

When you have sent the information across, the button changes appearance, as shown in the image below.

erp invoicing - push to finance package

Pushing invoices across to your finance package from Fraction ERP

And then you can manage payment!

Once the invoice is across in your finance package, you can manage your debtors as you would normally.

We hope that you see how straightforward Fraction ERP is when it comes to invoicing.

If you thought ERP invoicing was going to be complicated, hopefully you see it differently now.

We've aimed to keep the whole ERP system simple like this. This is great if you have had enough of complicated ERP systems and want something more usable, or if you are considering ERP for the first time.

If you want to learn how our system can help your business to grow, without an admin burden, sign up for an online demo.

If you like what you see, you can then test out our system with your own data with our free two week trial.

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