Take control of your BOMs

One of the first features we built in Fraction ERP was the Bill of Materials (BOM) workflow.

We wanted to make the process straightforward, and that is why we have the simple workflow button in the top right hand corner of the BOM screen. In the image below the BOM has been checked and now it is ready to be approved (and used in production).

This is a vital step to make sure that the engineering changes you are making don't spill into production accidentally. Proper engineering change controls are essential to avoid delivering the wrong product to your client and dodging stock obsolescence.

Deciding who gets to check and approve BOMs is controlled by the privileges within our cloud ERP system. As you can see in the screenshot below, setting up the access rights for an individual is straightforward.

A new feature that we have added is the 'un-approve' option. Whenever you make a changes to a BOM it automatically un-approves a BOM and makes you check it again before it can go back into production.

The new option allows you to knock a BOM out of production before you change it. You can see it in the image below, on the right hand side under the delete button.

This is another improvement we have added to the system in the past few weeks. If you would like to learn more about Fraction ERP then check out our walkthrough videos or sign up for a free demo using the form below.

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