Simplified purchasing

Purchasing within MRP and ERP systems can be confusing for many businesses, especially those that are new to this type of system.

If you have seen a typical MRP output for purchasing you might have been put off by the complexity of the data. Whilst this information can really help a company that has stability in their supply chain and experience of handling this data it can confuse many others.

We've actually spoke with other companies over the years that have ditched their ERP system, or stopped an implementation, because of this issue.

I (Giles) come from a background where embracing this data is really useful. I have also seen what happens when you don't use it properly.

When we designed Fraction ERP we wanted to make sure that the interface was simple and effective. The video walkthrough below shows you what we came up with. Hopefully you will agree that this simple approach is effective and fast to use.

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