5 Reasons Fraction Simplifies ERP Activity

How simple is your current business system to use? If you have an existing ERP system, or spreadsheets and whiteboards, one of the reasons to look for a new solution is simplicity.

Like all technology, ERP systems should help your organisation to become more productive. It should not be a burden that requires you to increase your administration budgets just to adopt the software.

When we designed and developed Fraction ERP, this was one of our goals; develop a simple ERP system that cut out the learning curve and complexity.

There are lots of reasons that we could give you as to why Fraction ERP can simplify ERP activity, but here are five to get you started!

It's cloud based

So many things are cloud based nowadays, aren't they?

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have certainly seen a shift to cloud based systems and we don't think the trend is going to shift back to local server based deployments.

This means that you and your team can access your ERP data anywhere with Fraction. No more waiting until you get back into the office to see if you can slot in a new works order to next week's production.

Want to chuck the data up onto a screen in your meeting room? Just do it! No more installation challenges, just open a web browser and there it is.

Being a cloud based system certainly makes ERP working a simpler affair.

Modern search functionality

Being able to filter and chop data means that you can quickly view the critical information you have in your ERP system.

Fraction has a fast and versatile search capability, meaning that you can see what you need to see in just a few clicks.

No more crunching your way through endless menu systems and ticking boxes just to find out what works orders are overdue, or what sales orders are going out next week.

Simpler viewing and accessing your data (especially when you have a lot going on) is just another good reason why Fraction can help to simplify your ERP activities.

Complexity begone!

The basic concept of an ERP system is quite simple. However, users tend to request features and layers of complexity to satisfy their working requirements.

Many of these requirements are justified, others aren't.

Junzi, Patrick and Giles come from Lean Manufacturing backgrounds and we applied the same thinking to the design of Fraction.

In short, if the functionality couldn't be justified we got rid of it.

For each remaining piece of functionality we then challenged each step that it had to go through and streamlined them accordingly.

Less is more; Fraction ERP proves that simpler can be more powerful!

All options are accessed from one simple menu

We've already touched on this; digging your way through modules just to get the data view you need, or not being able to find what you need because there is just so many options!

Fraction has a simple menu system. You are only ever a couple of clicks away from what you need to make decisions in your business and process and manage your orders.

And, if you want even more simplicity then check out the big plus button we have in the top right corner of our layout:

We took Pareto's advice (aka the '80/20 rule') and put the primary functions into a quick access menu. 

We've kept it simple and kept it fast (how much time do you really want to be spending in your ERP system?).

Configuration of options is done in one place

The final item on this list is something that has driven all of us here at Fraction mad at some point during our careers...

Overly complicated configuration options usually leads to two outcomes:

  1. Users not knowing what items they need to configure (because it's too complicated) and then not configuring them correctly.
  2. Not being able to find the configuration options (in the first place) and giving up.

Both outcomes lead to ineffectiveness within the system; this is not something we want at Fraction.

So, what did we do? You've got it - we put it all in one place and made it simple to use.

No more hunting around!

Another reason why Fraction simplifies ERP activities.

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It sorted out our own production challenges and we hope it can sort out yours too!

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