5 Reasons Why Cloud ERP Makes Sense

Many software packages have moved onto the cloud, I sure that you have seen this transformation personally.

This short article looks at why this trend is so popular and examines some of the benefits associated with a cloud ERP system.

Let's get started!

1. No costly installation

In our eyes, a cost / benefit analysis should accompany any major business decision. If you can't pull together a positive cost / benefit analysis for doing something it probably shouldn't be done.

Traditional, server based, ERP systems require significant sums of money to install software and configure workstations. This cost needs to be factored in for any piece of software that runs like this.

When you move to a cloud solution there is less of a need to generate a sizeable capital expenditure (capex) request as this initial upfront cost is less prevalent in many cloud software solutions. The lack of needing IT professionals to visit site (plus travel and accommodation expenses) drops the cost even further.

Fraction ERP doesn't require installation and no time on site; cloud ERP solutions can significantly reduce the cost of deploying such a tool.

2. No backup worries

Business continuity is a concern for many businesses. From phishing emails, virus attacks and hardware failure, we can understand why reliability is a big issue for every business.

In short, cloud systems are backed up for you. Specifically server farms, with built in redundancy, do this for you.

At Fraction, we are no different.

You can stop worrying about your business platform falling over and get on with your work instead.

Taking the hassle of backing up data is just another reason why cloud ERP makes sense.

3. Access anywhere

If we have seen anything during the Covid-19 pandemic about remote working, it is that cloud based systems enable this really easily.

Of course, there is more to remote working than just pandemics. If you want to check inventory levels whilst you are out of the office then you can.

If you want to check your manufacturing capacity whilst you are with a customer, then you can.

If you want to finish off some administration after you have gone home (that you forgot to do before you left), then you can.

Remote working offers up the potential for flexibility. Fraction ERP has been built on this idea; Lean and flexible working to suit your business' needs.

4. No waiting for the latest updates to be installed

We remember attending conferences in the past where we would be told about the latest changes and upgrades to our software packages.

Weeks (or months) later and CD-Roms would appear in the post.

Weeks later an IT Technician would then appear, take our servers off line for several hours / days and upgrade our system. Hopefully there would be no conflicts and we could get back up and running.

With cloud based software this is no longer the case. Micro improvements and upgrades can be pushed to you via a cloud platform (which is why your smartphone apps are constantly updating). Fraction ERP is no different.

Don't get hamstrung with your ERP system if it is still server based, get the latest functionality by using a cloud service.

5. Freeing up your IT staff

When you have server based IT solutions you need to have physical access to someone that can deal with problems when they arise.

We're not talking about training issues, we're talking about what happens when the server goes down, or a problem appears within the program.

When you move to a cloud ERP system, this problem disappears from your organisation. In the case of Fraction ERP, we take it on for you.

This means that your IT staff can go about helping your business to be more productive with IT than have to worry about whether the ERP server is healthy.

Fraction ERP is a cloud based system for these reasons and more. If you are currently tied to a server based installation, that isn't scratching your itch for controlling your business operations, then check out Fraction ERP.

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