Quick review of part activity

The ability to review part information fast is key to any ERP system. As part of our recent update we have improved this element of Fraction ERP.

If you need to interrogate parts you can do this all in one screen. This includes:

  • Contracts - view associated sales orders and quotes.
  • Purchases - the history of orders placed on suppliers for this part.
  • Works Orders - production orders linked to the part.
  • BOMs - view the status of its associated Bill of Materials.
  • Costings - review the history of BOM costing snapshots.
  • Notes - any appended notes are also visible here.
  • Stock Balances - view the history of receipts and issues for the part and its current balance

At each review point on this screen you can access the relevant record / page. With a single click you can access the relevant page within Fraction ERP.

There is also the ability to update stock information from this screen. If you are cycle counting, or need to make an adjustment, you can complete this from the same screen too.

These changes are another example of our ongoing developments to Fraction ERP. If you want to learn more, then sign up for a free demo using the form below. You can also view the walkthrough videos here.

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