Sage integration is now part of Fraction ERP!

We know how important it is for an ERP system to help streamline businesses. This is why we chose to integrate with cloud based finance systems from day one.

First, we integrated with Xero. Shortly afterwards we linked up with QuickBooks. Now, Fraction ERP can integrate with Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Saving you time

Our finance integration allows you to post data straight into the finance package. You can send through purchase orders and sales invoices with a single click.

This means that your finance team can get information faster and not have to key in the data again. We all know that keying in data is where errors creep in. So, this also reduces mistakes in the business.

Simple integrations

To integrate your Fraction subscription with one of these online accounting packages is simple. Click on the dashboard link for the appropriate package and follow the on screen instructions.

Once you authorise the connection, you can pass data straight through.

Find out more

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If you like what you see during the demo, you can take advantage of our free fourteen day trial. During the trial you can see if our ERP system really will help your business to thrive.

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