General updates to Fraction ERP

We've been busy here at Fraction ERP.

As you can see from the image above, we have made a number of improvements to our software:

  • Generating invoices from sales orders is now possible, speeding up the operation for those of you that sell from stock, have stock on the shelf for a particular item or need to raise a pro-forma invoice prior to fulfilment / production.
  • We've extended the files element within the system. Instead of just being limited to the works order, drawings and other files can now be linked to the part itself.
  • As well as having Bill of Materials templates, we now have the option to copy BOMs directly across.
  • We've updated the stock allocation function, so now a free stock balance is shown automatically within the parts screen.
  • And, as you may have already seen, our support site is now up and running. This site includes step by step explanations and tutorial videos.

We have plenty more in the works too.

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