October 2021 updates

Here are the latest updates from Fraction ERP


1. Email logs are shown at the bottom of contracts, purchase orders and invoices to track when documents are sent via email.


1. Part complete quantities are now possible and are shown on the WO list.

2. Workcentres are now printed on route cards.

3. Part Demand "allocated parts" are now highlighted in green making it easier to manage requirements.

4. Planning is highlighted in green when all operations are planned.


1. Stock alerts are now based on allocated quantity rather than actual stock quantity.


1. Delivery note number and tracking reference are now printed on the the fraction invoices.


1. New quality section for open NCRs and good inwards inspection.


1. Re-arrange po line items by drag and drop

2. Pack size can be defined in a part record, so POs must be multiples of the pack size and also meet the MOQ if specified.


1. Customer line item reference is now added to each contract line. This is also printed to the route card and will shortly be added to delivery notes and invoices.

2. Auto-Complete of contracts now happens when all line items are invoiced.

3. EORI number added to customer and supplier records and related documents.


1. New GRN label to identify goods at arrival.

The Fraction Team

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