Manufacturing scheduling software for small business is the new black!

There are many scheduling tools for small businesses. Fraction ERP is one of them.

But, many are so complex that it can be difficult to make the leap from spreadsheets and whiteboards.

We think that smaller manufacturers deserve something simpler, something more manageable.

Like fashion, we think that scheduling software for manufacturers should be back in vogue. The new black!

How we've kept it simple

Our visual scheduling boards require a few clicks and you're done.

There's nothing complex to organise and you can keep it as simple as you want it. We have weekly, daily and hourly scheduling options.

Each option allows you to see the committed capacity before you add more work to the bucket.

manufacturing scheduling software for small business

The weekly scheduling board in Fraction ERP

Why we have layered scheduling

So many businesses spend too much time scheduling. We wanted Fraction to be easy to use and save you time.

The weekly scheduling approach is great for businesses that want to have a rough schedule in their business.

The daily scheduling and hourly scheduling options are for businesses that need more precision on when they carry out their operations.

The great news is that if you working on the daily or hourly scheduling you can start with a rough plan and then firm up as you get closer to starting production.

We all know that production orders can move back and forward. Why waste time moving operations back and forward when you can do this closer to the time? Fine tuning the schedule as late as possible uses the least amount of admin time.

Free trial period

If you want to run some of your orders through a Fraction ERP test account, let us know.

We can organise a free ERP demo to help you get a better idea of how Fraction works and then you input some of your own data into your own account.

If you like it, you can start a subscription and go from there.

If it isn't for you, not a problem.

To organise your free demo and two week trial, complete the form below.

Manufacturing scheduling software for small business that works is one of our objectives. We hope you agree that it is an objective worth getting right!

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