ERP demo? Just show me the system!

One of the concerns many people have, when looking for a new ERP system is the painful sales process they may have to go through. We understand that most of you don't want 'the dance' and just want a demo.

It's easy for us to say that you won't have this experience with us but let me try to explain why this is the case.

When you get in touch with us you'll get one of the following people. I'll include their professional backgrounds to help make the point clearer.

Patrick Chester - Engineer

Giles Johnston - Engineer

Junzi Sun - Programmer (and Engineer!)

Don't expect the following!

Don't expect a slick sales presentation.

Don't expect a clever closing routine.

Don't expect us to try and push something in your diary.

That isn't us. We're proud to say that we aren't sales people.

Before the ERP demo we might ask you a couple of questions, such as:

  • What do you want us to focus on during the demo?
  • Do you have any business processes that you need to emulate inside an ERP system?

During the demo we'll show you Fraction ERP. Hopefully we show you what you need to see. Hopefully you'll get an idea of what we're like too. That's it.

We just want to keep ERP simple! This is our visual scheduling board.

If you like the system, you can take the two week free trial.

If Fraction ERP works for you, great, we'll happily sign you up as new customers.

If it isn't for you, no worries. At least you're one demo further on with your quest.

We're focused on our mission:

"To put low cost and simple ERP into the hands of every manufacturing SME at a time when they are fed up of broken spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper based systems."

We're not focused on applying the latest sales techniques...

What we do recommend

If you want to see why we're on this mission and want to see Fraction ERP in action, we recommend the following:

  • Check out our features pages. They have overview videos that should give you a good feel for the software's look and feel.
  • Look at our support pages. They'll take you through our processes, step by step, so you can see how they fit with what you are using currently.
  • Download our workflow document and presentation. See how Fraction ERP stitches the entire manufacturing operation together.
  • Sign up for an ERP demo. The best way to find out is for us to give you the royal tour.
  • Take the free two week trial. Put an order or two through the system and let your team have a play with our ERP system.

And, if you do take our free ERP demo offer up, please feel free to give us some sales tips!

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