Housekeeping: getting the most from your ERP system

It's a perennial fear. You spend a chunk of money on an ERP system and then watch it fail to deliver:

  • It doesn't help you with your on time delivery performance.
  • It doesn't help you to reduce your admin burden.
  • It doesn't help you to reduce your costs.
  • It doesn't help you to grow...

Worse still, workarounds can start to appear. If adoption doesn't happen when you roll out the software, this is likely.

Managing your way out of this situation

Managing your ERP system is key to avoiding these problems. One of the best management tools is housekeeping. This is often considered a boring topic, but is essential.

When you have 'clean data' it helps you to achieve better results. Your information is useable and decisions are timely. Your actions follow your growth plans and are less reactive.

Learn how Fraction ERP can help you streamline your business.

Try the following if you want to undertake housekeeping on your ERP system:

Create a routine so that everyone knows who handles which part of the housekeeping. Review the routine weekly, as a team, to check the health of your system.

Items you could include in your housekeeping routine:

  • Closing out of lost quotes.
  • Closing down of completed sales orders.
  • Tidying up missed manufacturing operations.
  • Reviewing outstanding shipments.
  • Completing work orders.

Little and often works best

A little bit of housekeeping each week makes this a manageable task. Keeping on top of your data makes the ERP system effective. Making the system effective helps you to streamline your operations. Streamlined operations allow you to direct your resources to the right priorities. The right priorities will help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

Choosing a simplified and low cost ERP system, such as Fraction ERP, is another way avoid these issues. Quick to learn software and streamlined processes reduce the need for housekeeping.

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