Growing your business with an ERP system

Many growing businesses use an ERP system to help them achieve their growth. There are a lot of bad news stories about ERP systems and how the opposite happens.

In this article I will share some of the common concerns around using ERP systems to help grow a business. I will also share some of the key benefits, the results many businesses want from their ERP system.

Let's start with the negatives.

ERP system concerns

The big jump

For many businesses, moving to an ERP system is considered a big jump. When you are using whiteboards and spreadsheets this feeling is understandable. 

If you deploy your ERP system in a staged manner, it doesn't have to be a big jump. In fact, it can be very controlled and practical. Planning is the key to avoid having to go for a big jump.

Big jumps often derail / hinder ERP system deployments. If you want to see how Fraction ERP deploys in a step by step manner, check out this article.

Sucking away resources

There are also many stories about the amount of resource needed to run an ERP system.

Unfortunately, most of the ones I have heard are true. ERP systems can suck away resources if you let them.

However, if you select a good system, and manage the processes, you can prevent this situation.

Training time

The other major concern that many businesses have is the level of training required.

Training is a need, but it doesn't have to be excessive. Training requirements reduce by choosing a simpler ERP system. Having well written SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) also reduces this need.

The concerns people have about moving to an ERP system are valid. With effective management, however, they reduce and the benefits of an ERP system can come to the fore.

Let's look at how an ERP system can help with growing a business.

Fraction ERP overview video

How an ERP system can help a business to grow

Like other software, ERP systems are here to improve our productivity.

Slicker systems

Using whiteboards and spreadsheets often requires a lot of cross referencing. Data inputs go up too. This is where an ERP system can really help out.

Reducing the number of inputs, the number of 'clicks' and number of screens has a big impact. ERP systems mimic business processes to reduce the effort required and reduce mistakes.

Focus on the big picture

When you save time on the smaller tasks, you can divert your attention to bigger challenges. Instead of getting stuck in the minutiae (because you have no time for anything else!) you can focus elsewhere.

Strategic projects, that aid growth, can then be undertaken.

Leveraging time

Another key benefit is leveraging time. A good example of this is tracking your shop floor production. If you have to review the status of your orders by walking the shop floor it can take time. If you can look at a screen, and get the same result, you can save hours.

One person can now handle more management tasks because of this efficiency. This increased capacity can help handle growth without the need for more staff.

Find out how you can save hours tracking your production orders

Growing your business with an ERP system

There are many other reasons why an ERP system can help you to grow your business. These three are some of the common ones we hear when speaking to prospective customers.

If you have some concerns about moving to an ERP system then let us know. If you drop us a line using the contact form below we will talk you through how you can mitigate these concerns.

(And, if we can't, we'll tell you!)

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