February 2022 updates

Here are the latest updates from Fraction ERP:


1. Manual Purchase Order line items can now be linked to works order demand lines. Just click the button on the part demand page to link with the purchase order. The same can be done in reverse from the works order demand page. 


1. New create works order page will suggest the quantity for manufacturing - based on the allocated stock from the new sales order feature (see below)

2. Start date for works orders are now set for each WO. If you enter a production lead time for a part of say 10 days, then the start date will be taken as production due less 10 calendar days. The start date can also be manually set. This will feed into better automatic scheduling as the app develops. 


1. Part allocation can now be created on a contract line item for parts that are in stock.

2. Sales order demand page is a new feature under the contracts menu. It will group current sales order demand that does not have a WO already and allow multiple demand lines for the same part to be combined into one WO. This allows you to consolidate sales order lines into single WO. The WO will list out the contracts that the parts are for. 


1. Show lines page on the purchase order list now includes a column for received quantity. 


1. New page layout has been created for parts. Activity, files, and suppliers can now be seen on different tabs.  

2. Multiple Suppliers can now be set for each part and they are given a preference. Each supplier can have their own minimum order quantity (MOQ) and pack size. This is laying the ground for more automated purchasing in the near future. 


1. Contracts, works order, purchase orders and invoices can now all store files on each record. Shipping notes and invoices will also get file storage shortly! 

2. File types are now used to define the type of file to make it easier to search for your own categories such as customer PO, drawings or photographs. You can set you own file categories in the options page. 

3. An improved work flow allows you to select the file first and the filename will automatically be used as the file name selected. 


1. Labels are now PDF files to control the layout and physical size. At the moment they are all 89 x 36mm to fit standard label printers. Let us know if you need other sizes. 

2. NEW GRN labels

3. NEW Works order labels


1. Time zones are now set in your user profile for our international customers. If you are based in the UK you do not need to do anything. 

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