Adapting to the change that ERP brings

Let me make this clear. For many businesses, introducing an ERP system requires a change in approach.

I don't want to sugar coat this. It is the same for any new system, it often gets harder before it gets easier.

But, here's the point. When you choose an ERP system that is a good fit, it will get better.

The Y Curve

Let me share with you a simple graph. It is commonly known as the Y curve, or the improvement curve.

In short, when you introduce a new system / software tool (1), you often end up in a period of learning (2). To some degree, there is confusion.

I want to stress that learning, adaption and perseverance (3 - ideal outcome) is the usual way out of this situation. Giving up is not an option (the other 3s!).

This dip in the curve is why support teams exist. Forums are bustling with questions that are helping people to get past the dip.

Do you feel the same?

If you feel this way, then this article hopes to be a reminder to persist. Keep looking for the signs that things are getting better. When it comes to ERP system, things to look for include:

  • Saving time on your order administration.
  • Saving effort.
  • Improving productivity and on time delivery performance.
  • Leveraging senior management time (so that you can focusing on growing your business).

Getting out of the dip

So, how do you get out of the dip?

Try the following:

  • Embrace the dip. Expect it and welcome it when it arrives.
  • Ensure that the confusion and frustrations are part of your day to day conversations.
  • Don't react, don't get worked up by the experience.
  • Work with your software suppliers and system administrators to understand the specific issues. There will be a gap between your expectations and the software's functionality.
  • Be flexible. Configuring the software in a different way might need to happen. In other cases, you may need to tweak your working practices.
  • Keep a log of your issues, work on them everyday and tick them off as they get resolved.

This is a basic list, but enough to get most businesses out of the dip shown above.

Forward, forward, forward!

Avoid the temptation to go backwards! You and your team might well feel like it at times, but please resist.

If you have specified an ERP system that meets your business' needs then getting out of the dip is a matter of time. Do not romanticise your previous way of working... there must have been a good reason why you have adopted an ERP system.

Free guide

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Otherwise, embrace the dip and keep your focus. Work towards the higher levels of business performance that await you!

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